Ballerina Movie: Release Date, Cast, Characters, Trailer, Plot, Where to Watch?

Welcome to the tantalizing universe of “Ballerina Movie”! My blog is dedicated to a comprehensive review of all the thrilling elements and aspects that surround this upcoming film. From the date of release that will make history in your diary, the cast consisting of talented actors who bring to life these people, and an intricate storyline that has promise to captivate, we leave nothing behind. Prepare yourself for a feeling of enchantment when you watch its trailer which serves as a sneak preview into what awaits you on the screen. You can find out where to see this masterpiece by following our guide through key details. Let us take you on an adventure through “Ballerina Movie”.

Ballerina Movie Release Date?

Ballerina Movie
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On June 6, 2025, the film “Ballerina Movie” is expected to be announced. It is an American action thriller film directed by Len Wiseman that stars Ana de Armas, Anjelica Huston, Gabriel Byrne, Lance Reddick, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Norman Reedus, Ian McShane and Keanu Reeves. The plot of the movie revolves around a ballerina-assassin named Rooney who seeks vengeance for her family’s murder.

Ballerina Movie Cast?

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Ballerina Movie casts talented people like Ana De Armas as Eve, Keanu Reeves as John Wick and Norman Reedus among others. Besides Gabriel Byrne in there too. However, she performs as Eve while he acts as Wick in this action-packed thriller; Norman Reedus and Ian McShane also join in as members of the dynamic ensemble cast together with Lance Reddick. This ensures that each actor brings their unique talent into the movie hence making it worth watching.

Ballerina Movie Characters?

Ballerina Movie
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Set in 19th-century France, the Ballerina Movie” is filled with key players who shape its plot. One of the characters is Félicie, an orphan voiced by Elle Fanning whose dream is to become a ballerina. Victor, voiced by Dane DeHaan, is her best friend and an aspiring engineer. Carly Rae Jepsen plays Odette, the cleaner and caretaker at the Grand Opera Ballet. Other important characters are Camille Le Haut, Regine Le Haut, Mother Superior as well as some minor roles such as Rudolph, Mathurin Dora Rosita Lute au. It is noteworthy that each individual contributes unique aspects into this story bringing out themes like persistence, companionship rivalry and self-actualization. These personages come together in ways that imbue depth and pathos into this animated narrative of hardship overcome.

Ballerina Movie Trailer?

Ballerina Movie
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At the moment, there is no confirmed release date for the official trailer of the “Ballerina” motion picture. The film itself would be released on June 6, 2025, which was postponed from its initial June 2024 release date. Within this timeline, it is usually a few months before the actual film premieres when we have trailers released. That therefore means that the trailer will most probably come out sometime between February and April of 2 so you’ll just have to wait for some time more.

Ballerina Movie Plot?

This is a possible spin-off movie from John wick. It’s about Rooney, an expert killer with the nickname Ballerina. When her family was attacked in a cruel and horrific way, she becomes obsessed with the idea of getting back at the attackers. In its trailer, it may indicate some connections to the hidden world in which John Wick operates where Rooney fights like a ballerina and kills her enemies using her dancing skills. Yet this path for revenge could be entangled with ethical dilemmas that make her realize what it means to take such decisions. A warming story of Félicie – orphan girl from rural France in 1880s.

Ballerina Movie
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Felicie has had dreams all her life to become a ballerina since she was just a child living in an orphanage together with Victor, whom she regards as his friend but not practically related by blood. They travel through other places towards Paris where Felix must first overcome numerous challenges before becoming accepted at one of the most famous learning centers on earth known as Paris Academy Ballet School. They shall encounter opposition from other wannabe ballerinas and experience moments of self-doubt as well. However, this is backed up by Felicie’s never giving up attitude and Victor’s unwavering support who is so determined to fulfill their dream.

Ballerina Movie Where to Watch?

This film has yet to be released by March 8, 2024. Additionally, there is no confirmed streaming platform or theater where it will be shown. However, given the past of John Wick’s franchise, this will probably hit theaters first and then stream live on HBO Max and Peacock among others after a few months. The film is already out for streaming on different outlets. Here are some alternatives according to your location:

Ballerina Movie
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Important Note: Streaming availability can change based on your location and licensing agreements. It’s always best to check the platform directly to see if “Leap!” is available in your region.


A double feature of captivating proportions is the world of “Ballerina.” A thrilling revenge epic about a Ballerina John Wick that action fanatics will love. Rooney, an assassin extraordinaire driven by despair, releases her vengeful fury in a deadly dance for justice.  The only thing missing so far is an official trailer and release date (June 6th, 2025) but hopes are high for this upcoming John Wick spin-off. If you need a feel-good movie with a lot of excitement, consider watching “Leap!” which is also known as “Ballerina.” Félicie was an orphan girl from rural France who wanted to become a ballet dancer; she then moved to Paris Opera Ballet. No other family entertainment could be compared to this story about keeping the faith against all odds. Therefore, if you want an action-packed thriller or just another beautiful story about growing up, there’s always a “Ballerina” film waiting for you. Watch out for any news concerning John Wick and, in the meantime, enjoy the enchantment of Leap!

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