Bartender Glass of God Episode 5: Release Date, Expected Plot, where to watch?

People, who are so keen on the popular series “Bartender Glass of God“, were looking forward to the show of the newest Bartender Glass of God Episode 5. This extraordinary production has done the rounds worldwide, winning over a legion of fans with its extraordinary blend of supernatural elements, complex characters and totally captivating storyline that keeps viewers glued to their screens. Here, we will provide in-depth information on the date of the episode’s release, examine ongoing plotlines that are likely to unfold, and suggest where you can watch this happening series.

Bartender Glass of God Episode 4 Recap?

Bartender Glass of God Episode 5
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In Bartender Glass of God Episode 4, the audience observed a very interesting plot, in which Ryu Sasakura, an ordinary but professional bartender, queried Room 609. This episode was a setting for a legendary battle between a Master of Poker called Ryuichi Kuzuhara, nicknamed “Mr. Perfect,” and our conflicted hero. Executive Chairman, however, blown away by Sasakura’s bartending talent, comes up with a scheme to examine him in a competition. Although Sasakura’s drinks might top of Kuzuhara’s, they nonetheless draw flak because perfect drinks are an impossible quest, showing that bartenders have a mountain to climb to win the championship. Sasakura tries to outdo Kuzuhara during the contest by creating a cocktail that tastes different from his Manhattan cocktail. Miwa Kurushima, the granddaughter of Hotel Cardinal’s owner, is the choice of Miss Air and Sea 2015. She at first is fond of the taste of Sasakura’s cocktail as it gives her initial satisfaction, but then she is in doubt when she sees her favored drink getting flavors lost with every sip, unlike Kuzuhara who serves a tasteful drink throughout. This episode not only demonstrates her actual work but also provides the dynamic basis for more adventures the protagonist will confront in the course of the TV show, whether from her customers or fellow bartenders.

Bartender Glass of God Episode 5 Release Date?

Bartender Glass of God Episode 5

Bartender Glass of God Episode 5 which has been listed to be aired on May 2nd, 2024, at 12 am JST (Japan time) in Japan. It will be airing on TV, Tokyo as well as other channels that are available for Japanese people. Bartender Glass of God is the TV sequel for the season’s favorite anime series Bartender, originally showcased on TV through an adapted manga form written by Araki Joh and illustrated by Kenji Nagatomo.

Bartender Glass of God Episode 5 Expected plot?

Bartender Glass of God Episode 5
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In Bartender Glass of God Episode 5 addition to the continuation of captivating intrigues in the series which highlights the precocious bartender Ryu Sasakura who is based in the Eden Hall in Tokyo’s Ginza district, God of Glass viewers can look forward to a lot of great things. History remembered with his unmatched mixing skills and the capability of making “Glass of the Gods,” return back again next episode. The episode is expected to lead Sasakura into unconventional situations with the people who expect the atmosphere of the garden to compensate for their broken relationships or a troubled mind. Sasakura, the bartender who is famous for making delicious drinks with a reputable reputation, may have to deal with the fact that each customer also has a peculiar preference and a kind story. Everybody will go feeling uplifted and renewed after experiencing his drinks of exceptional qualities. Bartender Glass of God Episode 5 is likely to feature the integral ongoing subplot of the Hotel Cardinal investigators complying with their task to recruit Sasakura. The tale of Sasakura seeking admissions from institutions of repute may generate a subplot which is part of the story. He relates with the world trying to compete against prestigious schools while he focuses on his work in Eden Hall. The viewers, who are familiar with the past episode’s theme of competition and criticism, the same will be confronted with Sasakura who will have to face yet another critic from other bartenders like them or maybe from some critics who may query the perfection in his blended drinks. By adding some biological traits to Sasakura’s character, tension and depth in the plot can be added as this young adult will struggle to keep up with the stricter lifestyle. Emotional aspect is probably what the episode mainly focuses on. Stories of customers and bartenders of the pub, and possibly how the stories play out, might be some of the matters this episode will talk about. In other words, it is mainly thanks to these exchanges that the audience may observe such a transformative power of Sasakura’s drinks in helping such souls to become quieter and more peaceful and see such souls mostly through the prism of revival and reconstitution.

Bartender Glass of God Episode 5 where to watch?

Bartender Glass of God Episode 5

To watch Bartender Glass of God Episode 5 the Japanese viewers can visit TV Tokyo as other video platform like Lemino, U-NEXT, Anime Times, Anime Hondai, ABEMA Premium, Amazon Prime Video, d-anime store, DMM TV, Hulu, and the Bandai channel similarly. For international viewers, Crunchyroll will be the streaming platform. Ani-One will also make it available, and Aniplus TV, as well as Bahamut Anime Crazy. Further, Crunchyroll will be airing that episode for viewers from all over the world, while multi-subscription packages such as the Fan Plan, Mega Plan, and the Ultimate Fan Plan are available to subscribers. Free trials are available to new subscribers each lasting 14 days.


Bartender Glass of God Episode 5 will broadcast on Japanese TV on Thursday, May 2, 2024, at 12 midnight JST. For overseas viewers, the episode will go premiering a day earlier in whatever time zone he/she resides, starting from 9 am Pacific Daylight Time. People can now watch the episode on a range of devices, including Crunchyroll and Ani-One, plus on Kadokawa’s Aniplus TV and Bahamut Anime Crazy. They can also access the episode on video on demand services like Lemino, U-NEXT and Amazon Prime Video in Japan. The feature of Bartender Glass of God Episode 5 in which the bar manager of Leden, the famous bar of Ginza district in Tokyo, called Ryu Sasakura is supposed to be in the limelight. Besides that, it will be also very likely that the episode will explore what exactly Sasakura’s new problems are in terms of his profession as a bartender, including new customer interactions, stiff competition from the other venerable bartenders, and the continuing joy of Sasakura and the staff of Hotel Cardinal, who try to seduce him every day. Moreover, the Bartender Glass of God Episode 5 will also portray Sasakura’s amazing mixology dexterity and his knack of the Bartender Glass of God Episode 5 and more importantly the intense human element and ability of his cocktails to fix complex issues and bring his troubled patrons to ease, peace, and well being.

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