Tower of God Chapter 621: Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans, where to read?

As the Tower of God Chapter 621, the most awaited webtoon, is getting close to its release, the fans have already started the countdown to watch the next chapter in an anticipation. The chapter is sure to make some fresh discoveries, and everyone is enthusiastic about the most entertaining chapters. According to the sources, Tower of God Chapter 621 is scheduled for release on April 30, 2024, at 10:06 AM. Readers to specific platforms such as Tower of God Manhwa, Fan Verse, and Manga Helpers. This chapter will be available on all the platforms. The chapter is going to be dedicated to the affair of Trau Merie who a main character is and also the final decision she has made which could be a turning point for the storyline and the other characters as well. The last part of Tower of God Chapter 619 broke some rules, the new chapter, Tower of God Chapter 620, is then very anticipated by fans and will probably offer more tension and excitement.

Tower of God Chapter 620 Recap?

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It opens with Luslec and Arie Honor fighting each other on a bridge, in which Luslec orders Arie not to pull out the real sword from his belt. Arie’s beating the man had neither been intended to stop him from going nor his departing disappointed him a lot because Ameuz’s most of his friends had already left, at least, as far as he knew. Intra e Chun wonders if Enkidu really is human, and Trammere says that Enkidu wasn’t really human in the first place, and Khun recalls Enkidu’s felix powers. On the contrary calling discussion is however interrupted by the sound of the intruder alarms. In addition, the meeting room transforms into a gym, and Yeon tells Ameuz to jump into action to avoid a fight that is taking place in Traumerei’s new house. Yeon of course agrees with her will but figuring the desire and bid, she says again that the green one is peaceful one. Traumeria who just had a fight with Luslec sets out to look for Enkidu instead. He then instructs Enkidu to divest himself as Luslec and leave the matter to Khun as he struggles to locate Ameuz. Be it blowing her a good luck kiss or helping her to pick the right dress for dinner with Traumerei, Lee Rang doesn’t hesitate to put all he has into it. Then, just before dropping her off, he softly asks as how sure she is of not meeting with his counterpart. But Ameuz disagrees and tells her that if she seems Traumerei more, it could change her mind about leaving it behind. The cruelty that Lee Rang would be defeated and become adversary instead of partner, filled with sorrow, is intense. Both yellow and blue wish each other well. Lee Rang departs soon after. Luslec shows up in disguised Enkidu, and together they go into the plains where he meets the shepherd. According to the narrator, lastly he was telling her that it was an emergency which he needed to go to the restroom. Conversely, when she is by about to departure, he is inexplicably confused on how she is leaving without words to meet Traumerei. Once Ameuz calls the crane down the rational person gets on and the journey begins. The first chapter establishes convenient facts which extend the story to new developments, such as Traumerie’s intentions, Enkidu’s role, and the characters involved. To this end, Rug and the group of youths with whom he is acquainted are introduced.

Tower of God Chapter 621 Release Date?

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I am sure that tower of God chapter 621 will be published at 12 am KST on April 30, 2024. Chapter is Directed by South Korean web manhwa. (색 bullshit) It was written and illustrated by Lee Si-Young and published on Naver webcomic on June 30, 2010. Soon fans can read the chapter that will be published on webtoon platform at or the official webtoon app. The Tower of God Chapter 621 will concern exercises that the narrator would undergo in Ameuz and Enkidu’s role, as well as further explanation of Rug, the group that the narrator wants to join.

Tower of God Chapter 621 Spoilers?

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The manhwa fans all over the world are about to get a new chapter of Tower of God 621. Unsurprisingly, a lot of rumors are going around in the fan community about what might be the next chapter going to unfold. Although there are no official spoilers currently, the fans ever watchful finding out any information on popular sites and forums. The previous chapter, which was chapter 620 of Tower of God with the names of Ameuz and Enkidu became the focus, meaning Traumerie allowed Enkidu to take Luslec’s body with them through the Gate to be with Ameuz, but the fight between Arie Hon and Luslec was put off since Ameuz wanted Arie to go and was sad most of Right at the end of the chapter, Ameuz and Enkidu are about to leave Traumerei’s new home, and, it is hard to imagine, today fans are as excited as before another episode of chapter 621 came out again. IT Toy is an abbreviation for the Tower of God manga chapters, and the loyal followers can be sure to get the raw scan of chapter 621 on the website as the releases are made. The website is very popular as they serve the fastest chapter translation, and readers can get the examination of chapter 621 scans through the website to see the early chapter before the official translations.

Tower of God Chapter 621 Raw Scans?


Tower of God Chapter 621 Raw Scans can find on Manga Type, a website that has The Fastest Translation and has become a reliable source for many manga fans. Fans can we get a free sneak peek of the raw scans of Chapter 621 a before the official translations are released on this site. The Manga Type plays a pivotal role among the rest of the fans as they may read Tower of God latest chapters which translations have been provided to the members who can’t wait to examine the recent advancements of the series by this source.

Tower of God Chapter 621 where to read?

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Tower of God Chapter 621 which is available to be read on various websites, including which provides the new chapters, also Tower of God Chapter 621, Tower of God Chapter 620, Tower of God Chapter 619, Tower of God Chapter 618, Tower of God Chapter 617 and Tower of God Chapter 616 that belong to the series, where one can find all kinds of information about the series, from its history to publication details, is another website to read Tower of God Chapter 621 online. also provides Tower of God Chapter 620 and Tower of God Chapter 619 alongside the others. Through readers will discover information concerning the launch date and clock time of Tower of God Chapter 621 which is scheduled to come out on April 30, 2024, at 12am Korean Standard Time. provides the original Tower of God as well as chapter 620 and any other chapter by the author.


At the end, Chapter 621 of Tower of God is to be published on 30 April 2024 at 00:00 KST. Followers can access the chapters of the day on different sites like,, and Fan Verse. Manga Type keeps the raw Tower of God Chapter 621 scans, and the official translation is available on Manga Rock. Some sites also contain the previous chapters – Tower of God Chapter 620, Tower of God Chapter 619, and Tower of God Chapter 618 – that can be read on these sites, too. One of the most famous webtoons that has drawn hundreds of readers is The Tower of God and now fans are anxiously waiting to read the new chapter.

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