Pokémon Horizons the Series Part 2: Release Date, Characters, Trailer & Everything We Know So Far?

The highly anticipated Pokémon Horizons the Series Part 2 is meant to keep fans engaged throughout his newest chapters. Now that release date was confirmed, for 10 May 2024 you can totally expect that you will be in a position to both follow the details of the narratives of Roy as well as his partner Liko, while watching being helped or accompanied by their Pokémon partners Sprigatito and Fuecoco. This Pokémon Horizons the Series Part 2 series of the Pokémon anime and releases the story, which is the last series in which the fans have seen the iconic team of Ash Ketchum and Pikachu. The trailer promises an adventure full of thrills, companionship, and discoveries that are all unveiled in the trailer.

Pokémon Horizons the Series Part 2 Release Date?

Pokémon Horizons the Series Part 2
CC: What’s on Netflix

Pokémon Horizons anime series will bring its debut on Netflix in May the upcoming one year. This is further consistent with the data available on ComicBook.com and Netflix, which indicate that the Part 2 airs on Netflix from May 10, 2024. Another way the website of the Pokémon Company International acknowledges the May 10th, 2024, reveal of Pokémon Horizons the Series Part 2 on Netflix is its announcement of the same. The second half of the series finds Once again, Liko and Roy, along with their new Pokémon companions Sprigatito and Fuecoco, continue their travel to a new region – the Galar region.

Pokémon Horizons the Series Part 2 Characters?

Pokémon Horizons the Series Part 2
CC: Pokemon.com

In this new Pokémon Horizons the Series Part 2, we meet Liko, a brave and curious character who goes on thrilling trips across the Pokémon world. Liko is a Pokémon Trainer who creates close relationships with her Pokémon pals and runs into many challenges and exciting discoveries. Roy, another key character in Part 2, dreams of being a great Trainer. He has an Ancient Poké Ball with a secret he doesn’t know about. Joining Liko and their buddies, Roy sets out to discover new places, meet new Pokémon, and embark on new adventures. Liko’s partner Pokémon, Sprigatito, is with her during her quests and battles. Sprigatito seems very important to Liko’s story, showing off special skills and making a tight bond with Liko. Roy’s partner Pokémon, Fuecoco, sticks by Roy in his adventures and fights. The way Fuecoco’s powers work and how it interacts with Roy add to the excitement of their team-up and the obstacles they face. These characters and their Pokémon partners are set to lead the story of “Pokémon Horizons: The Series Part 2.” This part promises viewers exciting new plots and journeys in the Pokémon world.

Pokémon Horizons the Series Part 2 Trailer?

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The Pokémon Horizons Season 2 series trailer is a sneak peek at the exciting future adventures of Liko, Roy and their Pokémon partners Sprigatito and Fuecoco. It has been posted on YouTube and contains some amazing scenes which suggests what kind of trouble our heroes may encounter this time round. The graphics in this trailer offer us an insight into the vivid universe inhabited by Pokémon; we see Roy with his friend embarking on journey to unravel secrets surrounding these creatures as well as everything else about them. It also hints at ambitions held dear by every character revealed so far alongside captivating storylines that are expected unfold in next episodes.

Pokémon Horizons the Series Part 2 Expected Plot?

Pokémon Horizons the Series Part 2
CC: ComicBook.com

Get ready for more thrills with Liko, Roy, and their trusty Pokémon pals Sprigatito and Fuecoco! They’re off on fresh escapades in the Galar region in Pokémon Horizons: The Series Part 2. Our heroes are part of the Rising Volt Tacklers, a brave group determined to learn all about a legendary figure called the Ancient Adventurer and his famous team of six Pokémon Heroes. This next chapter gets us right into the heart of Liko’s and Roy’s growth as Pokémon Trainers—they’ll face new trials that will test their mettle every step of the way. The Explorers are hot on their heels too, always after Liko’s mysterious pendant—it sure does keep you guessing what’ll happen next! As they travel through Galar, expect lots of tough tussles with other trainers and brain-teasing puzzles; it’s all about how well they work together with their Pokémon friends. It’s not just about battles though; this story’s got heaps of heart—showing us the power of sticking together through thick and thin. So, brace yourselves for action, get ready for those feel-good moments, and join in as our gang sets out to solve ancient mysteries. Everyone who loves a good ol’ adventure is counting days till May 10th, 2024, when Netflix drops Part 2—and believe me; this is one epic tale you won’t want to miss!

Pokémon Horizons the Series Part 2 Total Episodes?

Pokémon Horizons the Series Part 2
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Get ready for more fun in the Pokémon world, because “Pokémon Horizons: The Series Part 2” will have around 12 episodes! In this part, we’re following new friends Liko and Roy on their cool adventures with Sprigatito and Fuecoco. Remember when the first part came out on Netflix back in March 2024? It was a whole new story that didn’t center around Ash Ketchum and Pikachu. Well, buckle up because Part 2 is going to keep us hooked with lots of action-packed moments, strong bonds between characters, and plenty of awesome discoveries!

Pokémon Horizons the Series Part 2 where to watch?

Pokémon Horizons the Series Part 2
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Get ready, Pokémon enthusiasts! Mark your calendars for May 10, 2024, because that’s when you can catch Pokémon Horizons the Series Part 2 on Netflix. It’s going to be a binge-watching bonanza as we follow the thrilling escapades of Liko and Roy with their trusty Pokémon sidekicks, Sprigatito and Fuecoco. They’re roaming the Galar region on a mission to uncover the secrets of the Ancient Adventurer and the Six Heroes legend. Joining forces with new allies under the banner of Rising Volt Tacklers, they tackle each new challenge head-on while strengthening their friendships with every step of this exciting quest.


Get ready for more amazing adventures in Pokémon Horizons the Series Part 2, launching on Netflix May 10, 2024! Join Liko, Roy, and their Pokémon friends, Sprigatito and Fuecoco, for a journey full of action, friendship, and exploration in the Galar region. With a sneak peek from the trailer, we’re promised at least 12 episodes of thrilling adventures, uncovering the secrets of the Ancient Adventurer and the Six Heroes. This new installment takes a fresh direction, moving away from Ash and Pikachu to introduce us to new faces and stories. As the countdown to the release begins, fans can’t wait to dive into the magical world of Pokémon and experience the exciting tales of Liko, Roy, and their Pokémon pals. With an expected total of at least 48 episodes, Pokémon Horizons promises to be an engaging saga full of growth, challenges, and explorations. Make sure to catch Pokémon Horizons the Series Part 2 on Netflix starting May 10, 2024, for what promises to be an unforgettable Pokémon expedition.

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