Oshi no Ko Chapter 153: Recap, Release Date, Time, Expected Plot, where to read?

Fans of the Japanese manga series Oshi no Ko are soon to find the new chapter of the great manga, which is Oshi no Ko Chapter 153, in the final arc of the manga series. This manga, penned down by Aka Akasaka and illustrated by Mengo Yokoyari has pocketed a global fan base and has been printed more than fifteen million times. Here it is presented in detail what will occur in the next chapter and what issues the readers will encounter. Oshi no Ko Chapter 153 is planned to come out on Thursday, June 27, 2024 in the 30th issue of Weekly Young Jump magazine by Shueisha. For everybody else, fans can read the chapter on Shueisha’s MANGA Plus platform.

Oshi no Ko Chapter 152 Recap?

Oshi no Ko Chapter 153

In the previously aired episode titled “Catch Ball,” Aqua and Kana went on a date and thus marked the beginning of a new stage of their friendly bond. Kana, who was an innate loser after the death of her father and aimlessly wandering as a college student, said that her goal is to be Aqua Hoshino’s sole idol. This made the two become closer and the gentleman laid out his plans for the future. The reader should anticipate the events in chapter 152, as it should reveal the consequences of Kana’s genuine confession. Subsequently, the manner in which Aqua responds to Kana’s wish to be the source of his admiration will probably be the main focus of the chapter. Also, the thoughts of Aqua about his next steps in life, mainly, his plans to go to medical school, will also be elaborated. The real consequences of the confession that Kana makes are clearly evident in this episode for the show’s characters and their relationship. Liking’s reaction to her proclamation will determine the course to be taken in Aqua and Liking’s love affair. It is also possible that the chapter will describe some challenges that Kana, Ruby, and Mem-Cho could face while rehearsing for the final performance. The next chapter is expected to provide the ground for the “15-Year Lie” film. The characters Aqua and Kana developing a romance with each other will face several obstacles and thus the setting of the show. It is believed that the subsequent episodes will elaborate on the principal ideas of love, people’s identities, and the potential of relations.

Oshi no Ko Chapter 153 Release Date and Time?

Oshi no Ko Chapter 153
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According to the great events of Oshi no Ko Chapter 152 gives a new shift in the water of Aqua Hoshino and Kana Arima. The chapter is scheduled to publish on Thursday, June 27, 2024, in the Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump 30/2024 issue. Oshi no Ko Chapter 153 release date is Thursday, June 27, 2024, in Japan in JST standard time at midnight. The chapter will be available internationally at the following times:

Time ZonesRelease Date & Time
Pacific Daylight TimeJune 26, 2024, 8 am
Eastern Daylight TimeJune 26, 2024, 11 am
British Summer TimeJune 26, 2024, 4 pm
Central European Summer TimeJune 26, 2024, 5 pm
Indian Standard TimeJune 26, 2024, 8:30 pm
Philippine Standard TimeJune 26, 2024, 11 pm
Japanese Standard TimeJune 27, 2024, 12 am
Australia Central Standard TimeJune 27, 2024, 12:30 am

Oshi no Ko Chapter 153 Expected Plot?

Oshi no Ko Chapter 153

The last plot line of Oshi no Ko is expected to deal with the events of the releasing of the “15-Year Lie” movie and people’s response to it. Depending on how this is received, it can potentially affect the reputation of Hikaru Kamiki which should motivate him do something about it. It would be possible for the chapter to use love, personal identity, and the ability of affection to be developed between two individuals as a focus for Aqua and Kana. And at last, Aqua came face to face with Hikaru Kamiki and announced that he wants to get revenge on his father. This is necessary to leave the aktin of mother’s murder in their past and to build a joyful future with his sister Ruby Hoshino. About the last arc; it may depict the outcomes of the chosen path of Aqua and how it is influences the relations between him and Kana and other characters. Looks like Kana will be able to fulfill her desire of Aqua Hoshino having her as the only idol. Oshi no Ko Chapter 153 might then focus on her arrangements that the retirement concert of B-Komachi in Christmas brings, and possible conflict that comes with preparation of the grand finale of Kana, Ruby, and Mem-Cho performance. It will also be expected that Aqua’s intention of applying to medical school with admission to become a heart surgeon will also continue. The Oshi no Ko Chapter 153 may look at the thoughts he had concerning his next endeavors and his affection for Kana.

Oshi no Ko Chapter 153 where to read?

Oshi no Ko Chapter 153
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90 million subscribers of Shueisha’s MANGA Plus will be able to continue following Oshi no Ko Chapter 153. The service is provided through the website or through dedicated mobile application. Nonetheless, the website enables fans to only read the first three and the last three chapters of a manga only. The mobile application enables the fan to have all the chapters of a manga for free but in a situation where they want to rehearse the first three as well as the last three, then they need to subscribe for an extra fee.


It is so exciting to finally be able to comment on Oshi no Ko Chapter 153 and the narrative of Aqua Hoshino and Kana Arima. The chapter is scheduled for June 27, 2024, in the thirty issue of Weekly Young Jump magazine published by Shueisha. In the previous chapter, which was entitled, “Catch Ball”, Kana Arima and Aqua Hoshino had a date. Kana states her wish is to be Aqua Hoshino’s only idol, and Aqua said he plans to go to medical school to become a heart surgeon. The chapter concluded with Kana extend an invitation to Aqua to attend her final concert on the 25 th of December. Oshi no Ko will mark the beginning of its last arc with the release if Oshi no Ko Chapter 153. It is stated that the story is again likely to be based on the “15-Year Lie” movie and the public response to it. To the increased attention to Hikaru Kamiki, this could lead to a massive influence that makes the guy act. The Oshi no Ko Chapter 153 might continue revealing the growth of love, personal orientation, and the impact of the relations as the characters Aqua and Kana. Current and possible future chapters of Oshi no Ko are available on the official Shueisha MANGA Plus app. The service is avails both online through a web platform and through a mobile application. Nonetheless, fans are only able to scroll through the first three chapters and the last three chapters of a manga in the website.

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