Dragon Ball Super chapter 104: Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans, where to read?

The forthcoming Dragon Ball Super chapter 104 is building anticipation among fans who highly anticipate its release. Chapter get released within days So, the upcoming series will have new happenings and also completion of interesting tasks. Additionally, complete spoilers and uncensored scans are not out yet, but action lovers will no doubt relish the evolving story in the next arc. To read the plot 104 of Dragon Ball Super fans can refer to legitimate platforms authorized by VIZ, its Shonen Jump, which guarantees a reliable reading. Look out for the release of Dragon Ball Super chapter 104, part of the Dragon Ball Super series, to virtually step into this classic show and experience the next development in this cherished series.

Dragon Ball Super chapter 104 Release Date?

Dragon Ball Super chapter 104

The chapter number of Dragon Ball Super is 104 and will be released on May 20th, 2024; such information was published at the time of writing this article. At the same time, the possible release date could be a subject of change because the manga is now experiencing a break at the time of its flaw creator, Akira Toriyama`s default. The departure officially started when the act was released on the 21 May 2024 after chapter 103 was released. The manga series visual art was made by Mr. Akira Toriyama while the illustrations were done by Mr. Toyota Rou. The end of the manga during the hiatus is unsure how it will continue since it is doubtful as to who will continue writing the story for chapters that are coming. Fans may have to hold themselves up to the 103rd chapter to get more facts on how long the hiatus will last and how the series will conclude.

Dragon Ball Super chapter 104 Spoilers?

Dragon Ball Super chapter 104
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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 104 shall be out in 6 months, which is on the 21st of May 2024. The new chapter will be a kickoff to a new story, as instead of ending the SUPERHERO Saga, it finishes the epilogue of those trilogy. The next chapter might be centered around the battle against Black Frieza, which is set to be the biggest menace to the future of Saiyans. Probably this is going to be the moment in which Gohan, Broly, Goten and Trunks will show their smartness and play a main role in the new saga. Fans will have to hold faithful until the official release of the chapter to finally savor the development of the story. From wherein the Dragon Ball Super Chapter 104 is believed to be the introduction of a new storyline, after the SUPERHERO saga ended in the previous episode. The next chapter could highlight the confrontation with Black Frieza that is likely to become the top enemy of the Saiyans, with Gohan, Broly, Goten, and Trunks being involved in the next chapter of the Evil Frieza storyline. Goku and Gohan, who are Beerus’ rivals, are going to have a duel to the death in Chapter 104. Moreover, Gohan is also going to battle with Broly. During the story, fans are welcomed to experience several battles, main character’s transformations as well as climaxes, culminating in the last manga’s events. Sitting still for Dragon Ball Super chapter 104 that will release 2 weeks later will be the first in the Dragon Ball Super saga TV series.

Dragon Ball Super chapter 104 Raw Scans?

Dragon Ball Super chapter 104
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Upon the basis of the sources that you present there are no two ways about it: there is not any particular raw scans for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 104. Raw scans are the first scan that will leave you with a translation of original pages before the official English release. Still, not all the installments are present which means the die-hard fans probably will have no choice but read it until it is legally available anywhere. Unpolished raw scans often find their way on the web and the fans are able to take a look-see at the upcoming edition, comprising rudimentary drawings and text dialogues, as well as the plot’s anticipation. Presently, individuals would have to access the official websites of VIZ or Shonen Jump and Manga Plus to be able to read Chapter 104 when it is finally released. Wait for an official announcement on when to expect Chapter 104 that would add another dimension to the latest Dragon Ball Super sequence.

Dragon Ball Super chapter 104 where to read?

Dragon Ball Super chapter 104
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To read Dragon Ball Super 104 chapter, fans have to access the official manga website such as VIZ’s manga website Shonen Jump. Having had the privilege of accessing the VIZ Media website, readers will truly appreciate the fresh chapters of Dragon Ball Super that are offered to them in an explicit and enjoyable reading environment. Similarly, Manga Plus is well known as an official site for digitally published manga comics where fans can also access their favorite manga stories of Goku and his friends to catch up with their adventures. These kinds of platforms come with an option of reader’s immersing themselves into a World of Dragon Ball Super and discovering all the details of Ch 104 and beyond. Sit tight, the real thrill begins as Chapter 104 officially releases to carry us further in the timeline with our favorite characters in this popular series.


For the Dragon Ball Super Chapter 104, it is times when the loyal fans of the manga are very close to it, and the release date under discussion is May 20th of this year. In the new segment, viewers are immersed in a new dimension and the fight against Black Freeza is a primary focus is Some characters display more active participation such as Gohan, Broly, and Trunks (son and grandson of the Z warriors) and the audience experiences it throughout the series What concerns the ostentatious spoilers and the leaked raw scans, none of these types of the first look at chapters has been unveiled until this article is being published. Yet, the fans can expect that the official release will be availed by VIZ Shonen Jump. The prevalence is the threshold for the sequel that is very high – everyone scrutiny will be closely. It is still going to be hardcore and dramatic. So, don’t miss chapter 104 of the Dragon Ball Super universe and you will see what funny scenes and amazing stories this latest episode will bring to us and stay on this cartoon too.

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