Bucchigiri Episode 12: Release Date, What to Expect, where to watch?

Bucchigiri Episode 12 titled “Fateful Duel! Beyond the Gyoza Dumplings!”, is set to premiere on April 6, 2024, at 10:00 am Japan Time. The episode will be aired on TV Tokyo and other network platforms. FYI, Crunchyroll is available for viewers who can access the website of this streaming service. For Matakara was giving a beating to Kenichirou even when the latter refused to pose the brute twice. Adi Matakara was obeying Ichiya’s command, and the succeeding episode should generate a protracted battle between Arajin and Matakara. The last event portrays Arajin lack power to defeat Matakara, whereas the current episode will air the fight between the two characters. It is for sure that the showdown will be epic! The audience is full of excitement to see the Bucchigiri Episode 12 course of events and whether Aragan will be able to subdue Matalit.

Bucchigiri Episode 11 Recap?

Bucchigiri Episode 11
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Trainings of Senator and Chihaya were the themes of the Senpai in the episode 11. Senya’s acknowledgment of failure became the straw that broke the camel’s back, which led to an argument between them. While the force followed behind, shooting those who were joining Honki nation. Opposing to this, Arajin, after that, was mad, and thus, ordered Seny on his back. Sharing his knowledge with Matakara, Arajin warned him about Chijya’s plans to take control of his body. Matakara did not care as long as he could win against Arajin. ‘Choose your battles, Matakara,’ Kenichiro shouted back as he then challenged him for a duel to avenge his defeat from the past war. Nonetheless, he failed to contain Matakara as Kenichiro was far brawnier than his opponent. Episode ended with Matakara giving Kenichiro one more downfall after Ichiya merged with him, surely be a pathway for something that happens would be extremely horrible in the next coming parts.

Bucchigiri Episode 12 Release Date?

Bucchigiri Episode 12
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Bucchigiri Episode 12, titled “Fateful Duel! Beyond the Gyoza Dumplings!”, is scheduled to premiere on April 6, 2024, at 11:10 pm in the evening in Tokyo Time. The epitome will be made available on TV Tokyo and net stations, including others, as well. For is streaming one can get it is Crunchyroll. In the course of this episode, audience will hear a major clash between the Arajin and Matakara and it will follow up the remarkable events showcased in the previous episodes. This plot is about to scrutinize the fight between the individuals who wield power and the giant demon that seems to be an unexplored danger. Fans of the series are similarly blatantly excited for the release of this episode to see the next chapter, characters, and structures of the story.

Bucchigiri Episode 12 What to expect?

Bucchigiri Episode 12
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Bucchigiri Episode 12, titled “Fateful Duel! Beyond the Gyoza Dumplings!”, is set to premiere on April 6, 2024, at 11:12:00 am JST. TV Tokyo and other partners will be aired. Devotees can also explore the Crunchyroll website, where they can watch their anime programs. The previous episode ends with Matakara clobbering Kenichiro, who earlier had put Matakara into a deep sleeping condition. As for Matakara, he was sent by Ichi to carry out his system, and we can bet that the next episode will cover a huge Arajin VS Matakara battle. In the last episode of us, Arajin was seen with a palpitating heart unable to withstand the force of Matakara, therefore the upcoming episode is pretty much sure to bring out the clashing of these two forces. Finally, the crowd is anxiously following the procedure of the battle and wondering whether Arajin is going to be the winner and to defeat Matakara. This episode should bring many thrills according to the creators, and the audience anxiously waits for the finale to decern what may happen next. The online drama with a huge fan-base has gained its popularity with audiences, and the last episode will come as a closure that fans deserve to see. Watchers are able to pick up the Bucchigiri Episode 12 on television network TV Tokyo and other broadcasters or watch it through Crunchyroll site. The episode is set to air on April 6, 2024, at 11: Onboarding will be held on January 23, 2023, at 6 pm JST. Fans are impatiently waiting to know that how the story will unfold and whether the征服主义 are possible in a Matakara or not.

Bucchigiri Episode 12 where to watch?

Bucchigiri Episode 12
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Bucchigiri Episode 12, titled “Fateful Duel! Beyond the Gyoza Dumplings!”, is set to premiere on Saturday, April 6, 2024. The broadcast will be out simultaneously via TV Tokyo and other TV channels. Audience members need to know that this streaming is available at Crunchyroll. In the last scene, the mate Morien protector, Matakara struggle to overpower world with Kenichiro following his attempt to take control of Senepesu. Matakara is being manipulated by Ichiya for power, but it has made him separate from the ones he was Ichiya was playing his power card also which reason he split from his former friends. Hence, in the last episode of the series, let us see how effective Matakara would be as they try to save herself. The episode can be delivered to Crunchyroll simultaneous viewers about 2 hours after the Japanese broadcast. This will give viewers from all over the world the opportunity to enjoy the episode except Japan. It is made available for viewing to deliver English subtitles options to the episode’s viewers.


Bucchigiri Episode 12, titled “Fateful Duel! Beyond the Gyoza Dumplings!”, is set to premiere on Saturday, April 6, 2024. TV Tokyo and others, the episode will be broadcast. While this is possible, the Crunchyroll website may be the right place to go for streaming. The last episode saw Matakara knocking out Kenichiro after he had already consigned him to the point of no return. What Morika was doing at Sora’s behest, and he unfortunately through their mutually associations distanced himself from their old friends. Accordingly, it is more likely that the next episode and, indeed, the final one of the Bucchigiri Episode 12, will witness whether Matakara will be rescued. The show will be accessible on the Crunchyroll platform for the viewers globally with Japan being the exception. This service will start approximately 2 hours after the regular airing in Japan through the Japanese broadcaster. It lets viewers watch the anime with English subtitles and enjoy the piece of content connected with English language.

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